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Yoga Therapy Specialist

Cheryl Hurst, PsyD

Health Psychologist located in The Loop, Chicago, IL

Under the guidance of Dr. Cheryl Hurst in Chicago, you can experience health psychology integrated with yoga therapeutic work one on one. Her evidence-based techniques and practices come from the field of clinical health psychology and yoga therapy, known for improving overall health and wellness by treating specific ailments. Yoga therapy effectively improves musculoskeletal function, fights fatigue and relieves pain. Teaching balanced alignment will help you correct physical problems and prevent future ones by minimizing wear and tear on the body in the long run.

Yoga Therapy Q & A

What is yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy is a specialized program that uses adaptive yoga techniques to help people facing chronic pain or other physical challenges. While each person has a different issue to overcome, yoga therapy aims to:

  • Eliminate symptoms that can't be relieved
  • Optimally manage symptoms that can't be eliminated
  • Discover the cause(s) of the problem
  • Shift thoughts and actions to support healing
  • Improve daily functioning
  • Prevent future health challenges like pain and stress

The core philosophy of yoga focuses on creating a strong and balanced body capable of sustaining a steady mind with a deepening awareness of one’s higher self by inherently understanding the interconnections between the mind, body, breath, thoughts, feelings through experience. The postures and practices of yoga are known to boost one’s overall sense of wholeness and unity, the true meaning of yoga. The insight gained through a structured yoga practice helps you cope with daily challenges, whether that means learning to manage social anxiety, being healthy enough to walk unassisted at the grocery store, or maintaining peak condition for competitive sports.

What health conditions can be treated with yoga therapy?

Yoga is a well-known method for increasing one’s physical activity while calming the nervous system. If you’re bothered by physical problems, yoga therapy provides an effective way to relieve back pain, neck and shoulder pain, as well as sciatica and the type of pain and muscle stiffness caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease. Yoga therapy also plays a vital role in rehabilitating sports injuries and any other old injuries you may be trying to ignore.

Yoga therapy uses individually-tailored yoga postures with concentrated breathing to help clients:

  • Improve mental health and concentration
    • Become aware of how every part of your body feels
    • Learn to let go of physical and emotional responses to negative feelings
    • Use restorative postures and meditation to relax your body and mind
    • Learn breathing techniques to manage future anxiety
    • Sleep more soundly and deeply
  • Relieve pain and rehabilitate injuries
    • Stretch muscles and connective tissue to rehabilitate pain and injuries safely
    • Strengthen stabilizing muscles and build postural awareness to increase balance and reduce stress on joints
    • Relieve musculoskeletal tension in the back, neck, and shoulders
    • Relieve headaches caused by tension
    • Practice postures that improve balance and facilitate optimal performance

What are the advantages of yoga therapy with Dr. Hurst?

With a professional who’s well-trained as a therapeutics yoga instructor and as a health psychologist, you’ll get the expertise you need in order to reap the optimal benefits from yoga therapy. Dr. Hurst takes the time to learn about your history, talk about your challenges, assess you physically and then develop a yoga practice customized to meet your needs. She’ll help you restore balance and progress beyond the present challenge to promote long-term health and greater awareness.